FAQ’s | LLC Tax Solutions


1For what type of entity do you offer forms?
We offer forms only to be used by a limited liability company (“LLC”) with two or more members taxed as a partnership.
2Do you help with the formation of the LLC entity?
No, we assume your LLC is in existence or will be formed. We provide forms to be used by your Delaware or Arizona LLC as its “operating agreement.”
3Do you offer forms for other types of entities or for LLCs that elect other/alternative tax treatment?
No, we only provide forms of operating agreements for LLC’s taxed as a partnership.
4Why don’t you offer other forms?
With LLCs being ubiquitous -- seemingly being formed by everybody for everything -- we wanted to create a website dedicated to solving one problem – where do you find an LLC operating agreement with new, updated, IRS tax language? Our goal is to provide “one stop shopping” with online convenience.
5Why should I use your forms?
With recent changes made by the IRS, an LLC’s operating agreement becomes a complex tax document. Without a re-write, it’s obsolete. A tax lawyer should undertake a complete review and revision of the form in order to “bake in” the new tax rules.
6Can’t I just add a few words to an old form of operating agreement?
You could try, but why tackle this alone? We’ve spent two years and over two thousand hours researching and writing. You don’t need this IRS tax headache!
7Why do I need to act now and buy your new forms? Why the urgency to act now?
After the BBA 2015 partnership tax audit changes, every existing LLC taxed as a partnership must review and update its operating agreement. Also, going forward, every new LLC formed must include new language that complies with, and transitions to, the new law.
8Since my LLC files an annual IRS Form 1065, should my operating agreement provide specific tax language regarding who is authorized to sign the tax return on behalf of the LLC?
In 2017, an LLC taxed as a partnership must have a “member manager” sign page 1 and be designated as a “tax matters partner” on page 3 of its IRS Form 1065 to be filed annually on March 15. Each LLC must also be prepared to transition to the new law and replace the old “tax matters partner” with a new “partnership representative.” There’s a lot to worry about. The clock is ticking.
9To get your forms, do I need to buy a formbook from a publisher or go to a bookstore?
No, we offer our forms exclusively on this website for sale and instant download. To make it easy, you instantly download our forms as a Word document. Then, you can review and use all or “cut and paste” any portion you want.
10How many forms are there?
There are six different forms available with the price of each based on your use -- $995 for up to five uses or $2,495 for unlimited use.
11Can you break this down – what are my options?
Four forms are LLC operating agreements. Two forms are long/complex operating agreements (in Arizona or Delaware) and two are “simple” 20-page operating agreements (in Arizona or Delaware).
12What if I want to keep my existing form of operating agreement and just want to update by adding the updated tax language as exhibit. Is there a form I can just “bolt-on” to the end?
Yes, if you don’t want a new form of LLC operating agreement for an existing LLC, we have a unique “tax only” exhibit that can be attached to an existing LLC operating agreement. One is for a “member-managed” and the other is for a “manager-managed” LLC.
13Once I purchase on this website, and complete the information, I actually download the form selected as a Word document to my computer? Is it that easy and convenient?
Yes, each form is available as a Word document, downloaded to your computer, with instant availability.
14So, there is no “shipping and handling” or delay in processing?
15This seems too easy.
We’ve worked hard to make it easy. We worked weekends so you can enjoy yours!